Welcome Back!

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I hope you all had a wonderful summer break and are ready to start getting some free money for college.  Freshman, sophomore, juniors and seniors will all have opportunities to apply for scholarships for college.

One of your first steps towards your part in this free money is to start or continue to keep track of everything you are doing.  Extra-curricular activities, sports, leadership, music, drama, work, volunteer and community work.  Write down dates that you did the activity, where, what and even the why you did the activity.  By keeping track, you can create a portfolio that will help you in your process of applying for scholarships.  If you need trackers or an idea of what a good portfolio looks like, please come visit with me so I can show you.

Your next step will be to start thinking about who would write a good letter of recommendation for you.  A boss, teacher, counselor, school administrator, etc.  Most scholarship applications will ask for at least one letter of recommendation.  This is a very helpful thing to have in your back pocket so that it is already ready to go when you apply.

Most important of all, get informed!  We have all sorts of resources for you to find free money whether it is a scholarships, federal aid, and student loans.  Look on this website for updated information on scholarships.  Twitter, Facebook and the Remind App will be helpful in knowing when this information becomes available and listen to the announcements in the morning..  I post a couple of times a week with new and exciting scholarships, so please don’t miss that opportunity.  Most importantly, come visit with me so that I can help you individually.  Last year we had over 3.5 million dollars given to our Tooele High students.  Please don’t miss out on that money.

You can follow this page by subscribing to it.  Just enter your email and accept the invitation in your email box.

You can also follow on Twitter (hoping to build that up this year) or on Facebook.  Even on the Remind app.  Here are the links:

Facebook Counseling page click here

Twitter click here

Remind click here

Keep those GPA’s up, retake the ACT and get involved.  Whatever it takes to show those college advisors and scholarship committees you have what it takes.

Good luck and I am so excited to get to work with you all!

Alisha Dangerfield

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