Utah College Application Week is Coming Up! (Seniors)


The next two weeks will be filled with college information, college visits at lunch, college scavenger hunts and much more to get you excited about applying for college.  That time to get your applications in is actually here!

Sit down and talk with parents/guardians and decide where you might like to go after high school.  Does the school have housing? Does it have the major you want? It it in a climate that you like?  Check out the college websites and take a virtual tour, get on campus if you haven’t already.  This is an important piece of the puzzle to decide which school is right for you.

Please make sure to bring your debit/credit cards with you to pay for the applications fees.  Try to memorize your Social Security number and bring your Driver’s License.

Good luck to you all, and Happy College Knowledge Month!

UCAW flyer

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