Today Begins Utah College Application Week

Image result for utah college application week 2018

It is here, after all your hard work, you are going to apply to college this week. Students will go to room #303 to apply during English classes.  If students do not have an English class, please see Mrs. Dangerfield to find out a good time to go and apply.

Please make sure that you bring with you the following:
-Driver’s License
-Remember your Social Security number
-Debit or Credit card to pay for application fees

If you are unable to get to the computer lab, please know that we will have a make-up day on Friday.

Thursday evening there will be a FAFSA Completion Event here at the school at 6:00 PM.  If you complete your FAFSA and fill out the survey, you will be entered into a $500 scholarship drawing.

If you have questions, please see Mrs. Dangerfield

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