College Week Was a Huge Success!

Wow, what an amazing couple of weeks we have had here at Tooele High.  College Awareness Week (November 5-9) was filled with students getting excited about college with trivia, scavenger hunts, wearing their favorites college gear and knowledge about why college is so important.  Teachers shared stories of their college experiences and decorated their doors in their Alma Mater.

College Awareness pic

All last week students applied to college.  And, what a successful week we had!  Over two hundred seniors applied to multiple colleges.  Over 600 transcripts will be sent to schools all over Utah, as well as all over the country.

We also had a FAFSA Completion Night last Thursday, with an entire room of parents and students.  Everyone that attended was able to fill out a survey and be entered into a $500 scholarship drawing. For those that have not completed their FAFSA, you still have time to get it done.

FAFSA Completion Night

Keep up the this level of dedication! Now that your college applications are done, please don’t forget to keep applying for scholarships.  Good luck!

ucaw poster

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