Keys To Success Scholarships Now Available

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Seniors, the Keys to Success scholarships are now available for Tooele High!  One of the great things about these scholarships is that they are only for our school.  Here is a list of the scholarships:

Weber State University-$1,000
Tooele Tech- $500
Paul Mitchell-$1,000
Nightingale College(Nursing)-Presidential scholarship 25% off tuition
Nightingale College (Nursing)-$1500 off each semester for 8 semesters
Nightingale College (Nursing)-$2,000 scholarship

If you have an interest in attending any of these colleges, apply today.  You can apply in the Keys to Success App or on the Keys to Success website.  For each application a short essay is required.

If you do win one of these scholarships, they are stack-able which means, if you also get an academic scholarship from that University, you can use both of the scholarships at that University.

Please see Mrs. Dangerfield or Mrs. Ford for more information.

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