Welcome to the 12 Days of Scholarships!

Twelve Days of Scholarships2.jpg

Throughout the next twelve days, I will be posting a scholarship. Some will even be for students ages 13-18, so pay attention to the ages for these scholarships. That means, those freshman, sophomores and juniors that want to start winning money for college, apply for these scholarships too!

Here is our first scholarship:

Seinor gamers, this one is for you! BestgamingPC.com is sponsoring a scholarship of $1,500 to a student that can write an essay about the following:

“In 1500 words or less – give us your take on the “competitive gaming” or “eSports” revolution. Can a competitive gamer maintain a well-paid career in this niche? What do you think is the future of “eSports”? We’re interested in learning where you see the industry going in the future.”

The deadline is December 31st, click here to apply.

Good luck!

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