Day Four of the Twelve Days of Scholarships

Twelve Days of Scholarships2

Hispanic Utah seniors that have demonstrated leadership in school and/or other service organizations that promote, strengthen or enhance diversity should apply for this scholarship.

  1. Write a brief (no more than two pages) personal history that includes:
    • Academic, professional, and personal goals.
    • Reasons why you feel you are a viable candidate for this scholarship.
    • Scholarly or vocational accomplishments, honors, special awards, or recognition you have received.
    • Community and school involvement; include leadership positions and/or activities.
    • Personal barriers/hardships you have had to overcome to achieve your educational goals.
  2.  A copy of applicant’s high school or college transcript.
  3. Two letters of recommendation. At least one letter from an individual qualified to judge your academic, leadership, and personal qualifications. Counselor or teacher recommended.

Deadline: December 31, 2018

The award amount varies

Click here for more information

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