Utah Business Scholarship Opportunity


Seniors, this scholarship is for students that are interested in entering into a business or office related career.  The scholarship is for $500 and is due on January 31, 2019.

Here is a list of the eligibility requirements:
-Applicants must intend to continue their education in an office-related business program.
-Students must graduate by Spring 2019.
-Applicant must have completed two or more year-long business education courses (four semesters) from among the following: computer classes, keyboarding/typing, marketing, business communication, accounting, office practices and procedures, bookkeeping, desktop publishing and/or business law.
-Applicant must maintain 2.9 for the one-year period of the scholarship

Please see Mrs. Dangerfield for the application or click the link below to download the application.

UAEOP Judy Anderson Student Scholarship

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