Lincoln J. Powers Memorial Scholarship

$1,500 from Powers Family

Seniors, once again the wonderful family of Lincoln J. Powers is offering up to a $1,500 scholarship to a student who pledges to live a life like Lincoln did. The application deadline is in two weeks on May 1st.

“Lincoln graduated from Tooele High School in May of 2017, nine short months later, he was killed in a car accident after just turning 19 years old. Lincoln was a high performing athlete and had offers to play college football. He was a running back in football, a forward/guard in basketball and played third base in baseball. If you were fortunate enough to know Lincoln, you probably thought he was your best friend, because that’s how Lincoln treated everyone. His name was in the newspaper and on television all the time because of his accomplishments but he never let that go to his head. He was a leader who loved his family, teammates, friends, and school. Lincoln continued giving to those around him as he donated his organs after his death.”

“We, as Lincoln’s family, are looking to award this scholarship to someone who will #livelikelincoln. Someone who will go forward and live a full and rewarding life and who will always remember to be a kind and humble leader who makes everyone around them feel like they are important and special.”

Click the link below to apply for the scholarship.

Application: Lincoln J. Powers Scholarship Application
Deadline: May 1, 2019
-Senior at Tooele High School
Award: $1,500

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