Seniors, Did You Get a Scholarship this Year?

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It is that time of year where you get to come and tell me about all the scholarship offers you received.  Congratulations on your hard work! When you have a minute, please come down to the Counseling Office to report on your scholarships so that I can include your information in the program for Scholarship Night.

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We will  be having a College Decision Day event on Wednesday May 1st at 1:00 PM.  You will be released from your last period to come to the lunchroom.  If you haven’t already reported your scholarships, you will have the chance then.  You will also be filling out your college pennants with your name so we can display your choice of college, military or tech school.  And, the best part…you get Aggie ice cream to celebrate your decision to go to college!

aggie ice cream


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