How to Find College Events

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Did you know that many of the colleges in Utah offer fun day or overnight visits? Southern Utah University has Red Riot Overnight, Snow College has Snowblasts, Dixie State has an overnight Dixie Preview just to name a few. If you go to the home page of, you will find the events under the calendar listing at the top of the page.


Many of the events are free, but there are some that charge between 25 and 30 dollars to stay overnight. These visits can really be beneficial in deciding where you want to live for the next 2-4 years!

SUU-Red Riot Overnight

Dixie State Preview at Dixie State University

Snow Blast at Snow College

Aggie True Blue Day at USU

Weber Purple Carpet Events at Weber State

Connecting U Day at the University of Utah

BYU Idaho Campus Days

Undergraduate Preview Day at Westminster College

UVU Preview Events

Aside from these visits, any of the colleges are happy to have you visit them for a tour. Just make sure to visit their website and find the tours link. Take a weekend and visit soon! We will be applying for college during Utah College Application Week at the end of October.



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