Have You Started Applying for Scholarships?

A couple of reminders:

  1. Get your letters of recommendation. If you need help with this, please come see Mrs. Dangerfield in the Counseling Office.
  2. Start applying for scholarships if you haven’t already. Here are two examples of scholarships that are due on September 30th.
  3. Compile your list of accomplishments, community service, leadership and other other relevant information that shows everything you have done in high school.
  4. Get ready because October is College Knowledge Month and we will have you apply for FAFSA and college applications all through the month of October. (FAFSA opens October 1st)

MAKE YOUR MARK SCHOLARSHIP (kingergarten-12 grade)
Application: Make Your Mark Application
Deadline: September 1-30, 2019
-Must be in school in Utah
-Grades kindergarten through 12th grade
-Design a bookmark
Award: $1,000

Application: http://www.digitalresponsibility.org/dont-text-and-drive-scholarship/
Deadline: September 30, 2019
Criteria:  You must be a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or a current or entering college or graduate school student of any level. Home schooled students are also eligible. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
Description:  You will be asked to write a 140 character statement about texting and driving.  Finalists will be asked to submit a 500 to 1,000 word essay about texting and driving.
Award: $1,000

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