FAFSA Completion Night

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Utah College Application Week is already a booming success! We have had so many students apply to college today and we are only one day in. It is so exciting to see everyone applying to college, tech schools and researching what they want to do after high school.

Tomorrow is the FAFSA Completion Night from 5:00 until 7:30, so remember to come and complete your FAFSA if you haven’t already.  Wondering what to bring?

  • Social security numbers (for parent and child)
  • Tax information for 2018 (you can import this info from the IRS while you are here)
  • Income information
  • FSA ID

If you do not have your FSA ID, please click here to sign up for one. Both the student and the parent will need one to sign the application electronically.

See you tomorrow, and please contact Mrs. Dangerfield with any questions.

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