Utah Visual Arts Scholarship Due Tomorrow

Image result for utah visual arts scholarship

Hey all you artists out there. Tomorrow is the last day to enter the Utah Visual Arts Scholarship Competition. Click the link below to apply.

Application: Visual Arts online application
Deadline: November 8, 2019 by 5:00 pm
-Must be a student in grades 9-12 in either a public, private, charter, parochial or homeschooled.
-The following media may be used:
oil, pen and ink, watercolor, printmaking, graphic design, photography, colored pencils, crayon, encaustic, digital drawing, watercolor pencils, any other medium appropriate for 2D.
Award: $5,000 (first place) 3,000 (second place) 2,000 (third place) $500 (4th-17th place)

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