Only Four More Days to Apply for the CTE Scholarship!

Career and Technical Education - Davis School District

There are 113 scholarships up for grabs to different colleges in Utah. If you are completing pathways and know what you will be studying in college, you should be applying for this scholarship!

Deadline: January 29, 2020

Click here for the application and information

Here is a list of things that you will BEFORE beginning your application:

  • Signed Media Release Form.
  • Letter of Recommendation, CTE Teacher.
  • Letter of Recommendation, Other.
  • CTE Career Pathway
  • Signed, Unofficial Transcript(s) with All CTE Courses Highlighted.
  • All industry and CTE Skill Certificates earned.

Bridgerland Technical College
10 Scholarships/Awards
Waives tuition up to $1,000. Books, tools, and other fees not included.

Davis Technical College
10 Scholarships/Awards

Dixie Technical College
2 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition

Mountainland Technical College
15 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition

Ogden-Weber Technical College
8 Scholarships/Awards
One (1) year tuition or $2,000, whichever is exhausted first.

Southwest Technical College
3 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition up to $1000.

Tooele Technical College
6 Scholarships/Awards

Uintah Basin Technical College
4 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition

Dixie State University
4 Scholarships/Awards
Full tuition for one (1) year.

Salt Lake Community College
20 Scholarships/Awards
Full-tuition. Students are responsible for fees.

Snow College, Richfield
2 Scholarships/Awards

Southern Utah University
1 Scholarship/Award
Full tuition

Utah Valley University
20 Scholarships/Awards
$1,000 per semester

Weber State University
8 Scholarships/Awards
One time award of $2,000 ($1,000 for fall, $1,000 for spring).

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