College Decision Day and Scholarship Reporting

Seniors, a couple of things coming up:

  1. College Decision Day is coming up and we would like to recognize everyone that has decided where they are going. Please send a picture of yourself and where you are headed for Fall of 2021! Email to

I will be featuring each student in alphabetical order on the website on May 3rd for our College Decision Day. During the last 15 minutes of school that day, you will be invited to come down to the patio area outside of the lunchroom for Aggie ice cream!

2. Please send me your scholarship information. That includes ALL scholarships offered from any college/university. All private scholarships or awards you have received. You will be featured on the scholarship website as well as the photo block in the high school across from the Counseling Office. Email to: or fill out the following google form.

Thanks so much!

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