Welcome Back!

UT College of Liberal Arts:

School is back in and there is much to think about. College applications, ACT, FAFSA, scholarships and so much more! Remember that the sooner you get started on thinking about these things, the better prepared you will be when it comes time to apply.

There is much to do for our seniors this year to prepare for life after high school and it can be pretty overwhelming to know where to begin. So, lets set up a time to meet to go over where to start and what to do to make this year a smooth and successful year. And feel free to stop by, call or email me with questions as well.

Let this website be a successful tool for you to use throughout the year to find out about upcoming scholarships, ACT registration, FAFSA information and all sorts of college info.

Good luck and keep in touch,

Alisha Dangerfield

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