Do You Want to Apply to Southern Utah University for Free?

Hey seniors, here is a QR code for you to scan so that you can apply to SUU without having to pay the application fee. If you are ready to apply, go for it today!

You will need to make sure once you complete your application to come to the counseling office so that we can send your transcripts to SUU.

Also, if you are applying for the Presidential Scholarship to SUU, you will need to get that application done by December 1st. I have attached the scholarship index below so that you can what scholarship you are eligible for.

ScholarshipPer Year*GPAor ACTor SAT
Centurium Scholarship$1,000 ($500/semester*)3.40-3.5923-261130-1230
Deans’ Scholarship$2,000 ($1,000/semester*)3.60-3.7927-291260-1330
Founders’ Scholarship$3,000 ($1,500/semester*)3.80-3.8930-321360-1420
Fellow’s Scholarship$4,000 ($2,000/semester*)3.90-4.0033-361450-1600

Scholarship Application Deadline:
March 1st

Scholarship Acceptance Deadline:
May 1st

ScholarshipPer Year*GPAand ACTor SAT
President’s Scholarship$6,006 ($3,003/semester*)3.90-4.0031-361390-1600

Scholarship Application Deadline:
December 1st

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