USU Deadline and FFA Scholarship Deadline

For seniors that are interested in applying to Utah State University, today is the last day to apply and to be considered for academic scholarships.

If you are going to be attending USU Tooele, make sure to apply for this scholarship to the Tooele campus! (You have to be admitted before you can fill out the application). The deadline to fill out the application is February 1st.

Click here to apply for the USU Tooele scholarship.

Those that are current members of FFA should consider applying for these scholarships.

Application: FFA Scholarship Application and Information

Deadline: January 11, 2022
-Be a current FFA member unless otherwise stated (some do not require this)
-Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident
-Plan to attend a post-secondary high school
-Be a high school senior
**There are many different scholarships, but you only need to fill out one application**
Award: $500 up to $5,000

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