Not Sure Where You Want to Go? Come Visit USU Tooele and Tooele Tech with Tooele High School!

It is a hard decision whether to leave home to go away to school, or stay close to home and continue your education. Either way, some type of schooling is good. Remember that USU Tooele has 45 different degrees and Tooele Tech has many certifications that you can get, some are under six months of training.

I hear every day students are not ready to leave home and are just going to get a job after high school. But how amazing would it be to stay local, get some training, and then get a job that you love, instead of just a job that you have to go to every day?

If you are interested in checking out this opportunity, Ms. Corpac and I are going to take 8-10 students over to USU Tooele and Tooele Tech for a free lunch and a tour. Let us show you the opportunities that are possible right here in our town of Tooele. Slots will fill up fast!

Also, there are many scholarship opportunities at both USU Tooele and Tooele Tech. And, the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) can be used at either location. I can help you apply for all of these.

See Ms. Dangerfield or Ms. Corpac today to get a permission slip. The date of the event is February 10th from 12:15 p.m. until the end of school. This will be an excused absence.

You can email Ms. Dangerfield at OR
Call the Counseling Office at 435-833-1981

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