College Decision Day and Reporting Scholarships

Seniors, College Decision Day is May 2nd here at Tooele High. I would love to show you off on our scholarship webpage on that day. All you will need to do is send a picture of yourself and which school you will be attending and I will post that to Tooele High Scholarships. Everyone will have their own separate feature post on the website, so feel free to let grandparents, friends, and whoever you would like to check it on on May 2nd.

On May 2nd at 2:15, all seniors that have decided which college or tech school they will be attending will be invited down to the extension in the lunchroom for Aggie Ice Cream!

Also, if you have received a scholarship (college, private, or anything you would like to report), please fill out this google form so that I have the information for our upcoming Scholarship Night on May 16th at 7:00.

Please email your picture and where you are going to:

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