Jayden Davis Memorial Scholarship

Jayden was a Buffalo through & through. Purple was in his blood.

Whether it was flag football, Jr Buffs basketball or playing both sports at the high school varsity level as a freshman, he was a fierce competitor. The first to defend a friend or teammate, he was also the first to help an opponent up off the ground.

Jayden’s dream was playing these sports at the next level. Due to tragedy, he didn’t get to experience that dream. He’d be proud to be able to help his teammates to make their dreams come true.

Forever & forever…

Jayden Davis Memorial Scholarship Application
Deadline:  March 31, 2023
-Must be a Tooele High Senior Varsity football or basketball player
-Essay: Why was participating in Tooele High School athletics important to you? How will this participation in Tooele High School Varsity Football and/or Basketball prepare you for the next stage of life?
Award: $1000

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