Tomorrow is Scholarship Day!

Over 3.3 million dollars were awarded to our Tooele High school students this year. Congratulations!

Please make sure to tune in tomorrow from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.  The scholarships will be listed by last name.

8:00 am-Last name A-C
9:00 am-Last name D-F
10:00 am-Last name G-I
11:00 am-Last name J-L
12:00 am-Last name M-O
1:00 pm-Last name P-S
2:00 pm-Last name T-V
3:00 pm-Last name W-Z


Have You Sent in Your Scholarship Information?


Monday the 11th is Scholarship Day and in order to recognize each of your amazing accomplishments, I need that info!

Please send any and all to:

  • Name of scholarship or college
    How many years it is good for
    Total dollar amount

We will not have quite as many posts on Monday as we did for College Decision Day. They will be divided out alphabetically.