Final Regents’ Scholarship Documents Checklist

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Seniors, for those of you that are in line to receive the Regents’ Scholarship, do not forget to send your final documents. The deadline is July 1st.

-Request a transcript next week from Mrs. Bishop (so your final grades and graduation date show up on your transcript)
-Request any college transcripts for concurrent enrollment (you will do this through your account from the college you took classes from)
-If deferring your scholarship, make sure you have deferred through the college you will be attending and give that information to the Regents’ for approval

For additional information, please click on the link below to view or print the list of final documentation.

Regents Final Checklist

Regents’ Scholarship Appointments

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We have a Regents’ Scholarship representative coming to meet with junior students on Tuesday April 16th. If you would like to meet with the representative, please call the Counseling Office to make an appointment.  We only have 18 spots available.

Counseling Office: 435-833-1981

With all of the changes to the Regents’ Scholarship, now is a good time to come and meet with them.  They will be going over the changes to the scholarship as well as making sure that you are in line for it. If you would like more information on this scholarship, please click the link below or call Mrs. Dangerfield in the Counseling Office.

Regents’ Scholarship


Regents’ Scholarship is Due Today!

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Seniors, today is the final deadline for the Regents’ Scholarship Application.  Please make sure to complete the online application and get your high school transcript from the Counseling Office.  If you have completed college courses (concurrent enrollment), you will need to get a electronic transcript send from that college.

Make sure that you are checking the scholarship page for more scholarships due in February!

Click here for more information on the Regents’ Scholarship


Don’t Forget to Complete Your Regents’ Scholarship Application

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The priority deadline for the Regents’ Scholarship is due this Friday December 7th.  Here are the steps you need to complete in order to complete your application:

  • Fill out the application online and make sure to enter all applicable classes.
  • Get a transcript from the Counseling Office and send it certified mail so that you have receipt of when it is received.  Your ACT scores are listed on your transcript.
  • If you have completed any Concurrent Enrollment, you will need to request a transcript from the college to be sent to the Regents’.

If you are unable to complete your application by this Friday, you do have until February 1st for the final Regents’ deadline.  It is however to your benefit to complete it early in the event that there are any problems with your application.

Here are a couple of videos that the Regents’ put together that show you how to complete your application.

If you have questions, please see Mrs. Dangerfield.

Regents’ Scholarship is Now Open

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Seniors, now is the time to apply for the Regents’ Scholarship.  Remember, you need to have a cumulative GPA of 3.3, an ACT score of 22 and will complete the required courses by the end of your senior year.  If you have questions about whether you qualify or not, please see Mrs. Dangerfield or your counselor for more information.

The priority deadline is December 7th.  That is less than three weeks away! The final deadline is February 1st. You will need to get a transcript from the Counseling Office and mail it certified.

Click this link to apply