Tomorrow is Scholarship Day!

Over 3.3 million dollars were awarded to our Tooele High school students this year. Congratulations!

Please make sure to tune in tomorrow from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm.  The scholarships will be listed by last name.

8:00 am-Last name A-C
9:00 am-Last name D-F
10:00 am-Last name G-I
11:00 am-Last name J-L
12:00 am-Last name M-O
1:00 pm-Last name P-S
2:00 pm-Last name T-V
3:00 pm-Last name W-Z


Have You Sent in Your Scholarship Information?


Monday the 11th is Scholarship Day and in order to recognize each of your amazing accomplishments, I need that info!

Please send any and all to:

  • Name of scholarship or college
    How many years it is good for
    Total dollar amount

We will not have quite as many posts on Monday as we did for College Decision Day. They will be divided out alphabetically.

Where Are You Going to School This Fall and What Scholarships Have you Received?

Hey seniors, I want to know all the good news! Send me an email with a picture of you and where you are going to school in the Fall. Wear your college swag if you have it. I will be posting this information on May 1st on our website for all to see. You just might win a Guzzle gift card.

Also, I need you to tell me what scholarships you have received this year. College scholarships, merit scholarships, private scholarships, anything and everything. We want to recognize you on May 11th, THS’s Scholarship Day. Since we can’t do it in person, I will be posting all day your pictures and scholarship recognition right here on Tooele High Scholarships.

Please include:
The name of the school or scholarship
The amount of years you received the scholarship
The dollar amount if you know it

Please send me this information ASAP, so that I can get it ready for these most fantastically fun days of recognition.

THS Alumni and A.L. England Business and Music Scholarships for THS only

Tooele T

Seniors, the THS Alumni, A.L. England Business and Music scholarships and the Milne scholarship can be turned into the front office at THS.

The THS Alumni scholarship says it is due on April 10th which is the end of Spring Break. Please disregard this deadline and turn it in on April 13th before noon at THS.

The Milne adversity scholarship is due on April 15th before noon at THS.

THe A.L. England Business and Music scholarships are due on April 20th before noon at THS. (Remember that is is a portfolio type of scholarship submission)

If you need help with these scholarships, please email me ( so that I can help you get these submitted. If you need a copy of the scholarships, you can pick up one from THS or print one from here.

Remember that these scholarships are for THS students only, so your competition is only against your fellow students!

Click here for the THS Alumni Scholarship application

Click here for the Milne Adversity Scholarship application

Click here for the A.L. England Business Scholarship application

Click here for the A.L. England Music Scholarship application


Enter Today for a Scholarship Through Mountain America Credit Union. No Essay Required!

Hey seniors! Enter to win one of four scholarships through Mountain America Credit Union. They have partnered with Keys to Success to give away four $1,000 scholarships for college. Click the link below to enter. Super easy, no essay required. Let’s see one of our Tooele seniors win some money!

Mountain America Scholarship