I’m First

College; you have heard it is important.  You know what college is but you have no idea of where to begin.   Is college for you?  Can you or your family afford to send you to college? Do you have the grades or the ACT/SAT scores to get there?  Do you want it? Well imagine this for a moment…

Imagine for a second about being the first in your family to graduate from college.  There is something really great and special about that. Imagine that you were able to take that first step and apply to a college that will set you on the path to achieving your dreams. Imagine that you qualify for financial aid or scholarships that will allow you to be able to finance your college career.  Imagine getting a certification or a two year degree, perhaps a bachelor’s degree, even a masters degree.  Imagine that all of this is possible even if you are the first.  Imagine sitting there in your cap and gown, getting ready to receive your diploma and being ready to proudly say: “I’m the first” in my family to graduate from college.

Are you ready to the be the first?  Begin by voicing your desire to go to college.  Talk with your school counselor and construct a college plan together.  Find out what resources are available to you through financial aid and scholarships.  Find out which colleges may offer the programs that you are interested in.  And finally, apply to that college.  It really is not as scary as it may seem. You really can do this and be the first.

For more information on first generation students go to:


I’mfirst.org puts you on the same page as thousands of others students that are also first generation students.  Hear inspiring stories, discover that colleges really do care about first generation students and receive guidance that will help you get where you are trying to go.

Be the first to get there.  Be the first to say; “I am the first and I will not be the last!”

Contact your school counselor or scholarship coordinator in the counseling center for more information.