ACT Has Added Additional Fall Testing Dates

If you are interested in taking the ACT test this September or October, ACT has added additional tests dates. These options should be most helpful for any students wanting to retake or possible take the ACT for the first time.

Please click this link should you like to register for the following test dates.

2020-2021 Test Dates (National)
National Test Dates for 2020-2021 will not open for registration until July 2020.
Test Date Registration Deadline (Late Fee Required)
September 12, 2020
September 13, 2020 (Sunday)
September 19, 2020
August 14 August 15 – August 28
October 10, 2020
October 17, 2020
October 24, 2020
October 25, 2020 (Sunday)
September 17 September 18 – 25
December 12, 2020 November 6 November 7 – November 20
February 6, 2021 January 8 January 9 – January 15
April 17, 2021 March 12 March 13 – March 26
June 12, 2021 May 7 May 8 – May 21
July 17, 2021* June 18 June 19 – June 25

College Scholarship Deadlines March 1st

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Seniors, there are a few colleges that have deadlines of March 1st if you are applying for academic scholarships to those schools. Here is the list of schools you need to apply to before March 1st to be considered for these academic scholarships.

Dixie State University-March 1st ($35 application fee)

Southern Utah University-March 1st ($50 application fee)

Snow College-March 1st ($30 application fee)

Click the link above and it will take you right to the apply page for that school.

How are You Paying for College?

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Scholarships? Grants? Savings?

Paying for college is a daunting task and one that is easily procrastinated. It happens every year that we have students that truly want to go to school, but have not figured out HOW they are going to make it happen.

Scholarships are a great way to pay for school, but they take work. Often times, this is the biggest hurdle students run into is finding the time. Writing essays, listing leadership, community service, this all takes a lot of time. But, it can truly pay off. Watch those deadlines and rather than waiting till the last minute, work on it a bit every week until its done. I have watched many kids take the time to do this and little by little, they were able to help pay for school.

FAFSA (free application for federal student aid)  is another big one that many people think they simply do not qualify for. Many don’t qualify for grants, but this also how you can qualify for workstudy (a job on campus) or student loans through the government. No one really wants to go into debt for school, but what better investment than yourself? If you have not completed your FAFSA, do it today!

Get a job, use your my529 plan, join the military. These are all ways you can pay for college as well.

No matter how you decide to pay for college, don’t put it off! Don’t wait until April to decide that you need to apply for scholarships or apply for FAFSA. By that point, most scholarships have been awarded and many financial aid deadlines have passed at the colleges and universities. Even if college is not for you, remember that the Utah technical colleges accept FAFSA. Get a certificate, a two year degree, a four year degree or more, just do something.

Need help? Mrs. Dangerfield or your counselor in the counseling office wants to help you get where you want to go. Don’t wait!

US News article on overlooked ways to pay for college.

Have You Started Applying for Scholarships?

A couple of reminders:

  1. Get your letters of recommendation. If you need help with this, please come see Mrs. Dangerfield in the Counseling Office.
  2. Start applying for scholarships if you haven’t already. Here are two examples of scholarships that are due on September 30th.
  3. Compile your list of accomplishments, community service, leadership and other other relevant information that shows everything you have done in high school.
  4. Get ready because October is College Knowledge Month and we will have you apply for FAFSA and college applications all through the month of October. (FAFSA opens October 1st)

MAKE YOUR MARK SCHOLARSHIP (kingergarten-12 grade)
Application: Make Your Mark Application
Deadline: September 1-30, 2019
-Must be in school in Utah
-Grades kindergarten through 12th grade
-Design a bookmark
Award: $1,000

Deadline: September 30, 2019
Criteria:  You must be a high school freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior or a current or entering college or graduate school student of any level. Home schooled students are also eligible. There is no age limit. You must also be a U.S. citizen or legal resident.
Description:  You will be asked to write a 140 character statement about texting and driving.  Finalists will be asked to submit a 500 to 1,000 word essay about texting and driving.
Award: $1,000

National College Match Program

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Senior students interested in out of state colleges should check out this program. QuestBridge matches eligible students with colleges from all over the country and with zero monetary contribution if you qualify. If you qualify for this program, you receive a guaranteed full four-year college scholarship.

If you have the following qualifications, please see your counselor ASAP.

  • Earn primarily A’s in the most challenging courses available.
  • Household income does NOT exceed $65,000 annually. (from a typical family of four)
  • Show resilience, integrity and motivation to success.
  • Must rank in the top 5-10% of their class.
  • Score a 28 or higher on the ACT.
  • Demonstrate leadership in extracurricular activities and or engage in community service.
  • A first generation college student. (first in their family to attend a four year college)

QuestBridge college partners:

Amherst College
Bowdoin College
Brown University
California Institute of Technology
Carleton College
Clarmont McKenna College
Colby College
Colorado College
Columbia University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Duke University
Emory University
Grinnell College
Hamilton College
Haverford College
Macalester College
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Northwestern University
Oberlin College
Pomona College
Princeton University
Rice University
Scripps College
Stanford University
Swarthmore College
Tufts University
University of Chicago
University of Notre Dame
University of Pennsylvania
University of Southern California
University of Virginia
Vanderbilt University
Vassar College
Washington and Lee University
Washington University in St. Louis
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Williams College
Yale University