Deadlines Coming Up and Last Day to Apply to the U for Scholarships

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Today is the final day to apply to the U of U to be considered for academic scholarships. If you haven’t already finished, get it done today.

November 5th is the final deadline for the Elks Scholarship (this one takes a bit so make sure you have time to complete)

November 5th is the final deadline for Aspirations in Computing for Women Award

November 8th is the final deadline for the Utah Visual Arts Competition

Get applying!

Aspirations in Computing Women Award

NCWIT Aspirations

Women in grades 9-12 who are interested in computing and technology should apply for this award.  Women are chosen for this award who have shown achievements in computing, leadership, academic performance, and plans for a post-secondary education.

The prizes include a National and a Regional Affiliate Award.  These prizes may be:

  • recognition at a Regional Affiliate Award event (at the discretion of the Regional Affiliate Award program)
  • an engraved award for both her and her school
  • scholarship and internship opportunities
  • entry to a peer-network of technical women in the NCWIT AiC Community
  • various prizes, such as computing resources, gadgets, swag, and more

In addition to the prizes listed above, each National Award winner receives cash and a trip to the National Award Celebration in March 2019, hosted by Bank of America.

Each recipient with a Certificate of Distinction designation receives various prizes and entry to the NCWIT AiC Community.

Deadline for the application is November 5, 2018

For the application and more information please click here