Seniors, Don’t Forget to Apply for Sterling Scholar!

Sterling Scholar
Sterling Scholar Awards

Seniors if you are interested in applying for Sterling Scholar, the application deadline is October 1st. Here is the information and the link to apply.

Sterling Scholars are judged on five criteria: Overall Academics, Category Experiences and Achievements, Leadership, Service, and an Interview. The program covers all high school experiences from 9th-12 grades. You may include events and activities that will occur at any time during your senior year.

You may apply for up to two (2) categories by completing this application form.
Categories are: English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, World Languages, Computer Technology, Family and Consumer Sciences, Business and Marketing, Theater Arts and Debate, Visual Arts, Vocal Performance, Instrumental Music, and Dance.

There is no minimum ACT score required for English, math, science, social science and world languages.
There is no minimum ACT score required for for business, computer tech, family and consumer, trades and technology, dance, instrumental music, theater and debate, visual arts, and vocal performance.

The Due Date is 11:59:59 October 1, 2021.

You must have a valid email address; all communication will occur via email or phone with Mrs. Simmons.

You may only submit once. If you feel that your application is incomplete do not hit submit. Write your answers in a word document for editing then copy them into this form.

Click here for the link to apply

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